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ok here's the deal--

let me set the scene a little;
i drive me a big honkin' dodge intrepid. it's my baby but it guzzles gas worse than a horse drinks water. SO i have to replace it. *pout* but at least then i can give this one to my fiance and he'll have a car in which he can come visit me!!! *jumps up and down with glee* :)

i drive 38 minutes to monticello to get to work ... over the mountain. now at the moment, other than the gas bit, it's not too rough but come winter, i'm dreading the drive.

THUSLY, i have sent my resume to some places here in middletown hoping for a job. i heard back from someone this morning. working through occupations, inc i could be a house manager or a residential counselor or a mental health peer (advocate) which is more or less what i am doing now in monticello. the pay for the manager's position is uberspiffy and the other two slots are the same pay i'm making now and all three have free benefits.

i have an interview on tuesday at 11:30 if ya'll could pray for me that everything goes well and i can weasel decent pay... cuz i am also hoping to be out of the rathole i refer to as home and into an apartment with my maid of honor in december.

thanks muchly and i will keep ya'll posted.

xo xo
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